A sad day for open platforms

Even if MeeGo was late, this will make Nokia even more late than before. All the work, that has been done will be thrown into the garbage. And they’ll start from scratch.

The first Windows-phone from Nokia will take many months to be ready. During that period almost no-one who’s been following this, will have the guts to buy a Symbian phone. Nokia will suffer big losses during this period. And when(!) the Nokia Windows phones fail in the market, Nokia will have to see how much money do they have in the bank. All the recent Windows phones have sold even less than Nokia’s latest Symbian phones in the same time.

I personally will not buy any Nokia devices – ever – unless they fire Stephen Elop and cancel his decisions. This move by Nokia is not looking into the future – it’s looking way back to the 90’s.

Elop was a Trojan horse who was sent from Microsoft to take over Nokia, and sabotage it’s Linux operating system plans.

This just makes me sad about the world of technology, and the future of open platforms.


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