This is starting to look interesting (N9 teaser)

A gorgeous ad!

Very good cinematography there. I don’t know if that’s some stock footage, or if they actually shot all that for this ad. Anyway, it’s been cut very nicely, and the music is just perfect. It sounds like Arcade Fire would have been a good choice too, but maybe that’s difficult to get, and maybe it’s too well known to really give an image of freshness… So very good choice with the music.

And the phone looks really good now. I really like the rounded back, which looks dark. Qwerty, MeeGo (Harmattan but that’s close enough to MeeGo, so it’s MeeGo for me!), great icons, Nokia Pure font, transitions, multitasking menu, fluid animations (hopefully), autofocus camera (which I really need, as I record my own guitar playing and singing with my N95 8Gb). This phone has it all. Maybe I’ll start to develop some nice Qt app for myself.

I’m having a feeling that I may have to break my promise of not buying another Nokia phone. I’ll get this after it’s available through an operator that I’m going to switch to (which it will, as they carry all the Nokia Nseries phones).

More here:


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