The Nokia N9 looks amazing! (and please Jorma Ollila, fire Stephen Elop!)

I’ve just been looking at the announcements and hands-on videos of the Nokia N9, and it looks to be a truly amazing device! In terms of the freshness of the user interface ideas and the unique swipe multitasking, and overall design, it is years ahead of the competition, in my (propably biased) opinion.

I never expected it to be something like this. I thought it might be something that catches with the competition, but now it seems that the Nokia N9 just reinvented the whole touchscreen phone again. I’m even happy there’s no physical keyboard on it, as the N950 looks too clunky compared to the sleek design here, and the virtual keyboard looks nice and comes with Swype. And the material choice (polycarbonate plastic) seems really good too.

I don’t know how it all went, but did the actual announcement of Nokia going to WP7 cause the MeeGo-Harmattan team to over-exceed themselves, in order to prove the world that Elop’s choice was wrong. Or were they this good all along. I’m sure Peter Skillman played a big part in the design decisions as there’s quite a lot of visual stuff that they’ve gotten from WebOS. And he and all the others in the team have made an amazing job. This is actually a magical user interface… 🙂

I’m all shaken by the N9, and the operators in Finland are already starting their marketing campaigns to sell a lot of these. And I’m definitely going to get one. If you feel that Nokia should continue using MeeGo as their operating system in the future, you should get one too! And even if Nokia doesn’t continue with MeeGo, some other companies will continue the effort. Open source is basically a process that cannot be stopped. Microsoft can try to slow it down, as they done by sending Stephen Elop, but it will always get better. So even the lame reason of not getting support from Nokia, isn’t a good reason to not get this phone. I for one am going to develop apps and games for it in Qt.

Another thing I’d like to note here, is that the actions of Stephen Elop as the CEO of Nokia are weird and mind-boggling. He’s just playing it all for Microsoft and not at all for Nokia. With his “leaked” “superconfidential” Nokia WP7 Sea Ray show he was trying to steal the public focus from the N9, that was getting a bit too much attention. But I don’t think he succeeded in that, as the Sea Ray with WP7 just looked boring compared to the N9 with MeeGo-Harmattan. I predict really bad sales for WP7 models, and I think the N9 will sell quite nicely, even the platforms future is uncertain inside Nokia.

Stephen Elop must be the worst CEO any company has ever had. All of his announcements so far, have made the Nokia stock drop like a rock. His basic message as the CEO is “our products suck, don’t buy them, we’ll get you better products in a year”. You don’t need to be a marketing guru to see that this is not the right way to market any products. You have to believe in your current products and be tight lipped about any future stuff, as any rumour of a future product will eat the sales of your devices now. It’s even funny that Elop promised to shorten the time between announcing products and getting them to ship. But what he’s actually been doing is putting all of Nokia’s current products in a limbo, and announced that Nokia will make good stuff sometime within the next year. That is just madness, unless you’re actually trying to lure Nokia into the hands of Microsoft.

Jorma Ollila, or some other member of the board of directors at Nokia, if you’re reading this: Please fire Stephen Elop and adapt MeeGo as Nokia’s future operating system. There’s still time before the Nokia stock hits the bottom. Thank you!

Nokia really doesn’t need to release a dozen MeeGo phones every year. In fact it is better to release fewer phones. This way you get more focused products, and the end result is much better. (Just look at Apple, and their line of computers.) You only need one update of the flagship phone per year.

As I’m really excited (and sad too) about all this, I also think that Nokia should release a tablet and a workstation type laptop (similar to Macbook Pro 15″) with MeeGo on board. But all of that could come later. What they really need to do now, is ditch Microsoft and believe in their own software again. Otherwise they’ll just end up giving up their fate to others hands.

To end this with the excitement that I’m feeling, I’ll only say this: As soon as the N9 is out, I’m getting one!