Nice N9 adds…

Here’s a nice Nokia N9 add apparently from Nokia Denmark. (Who have been doing a great job with the Copenhagen Design Week videos as well, I think…)

And then a beautiful add for Qt and developers. This one features a very nice mystic atmosphere, enigmatic music and beautiful cinematography of the people and the N9 as well. I think I should travel to China someday… (See the films of Jia Zhang-Ke, they’re great, if you like it slow and mystic).

I’d really hope that people in high places at Nokia can see the potential in this phone and the platform, which is superior to anything else on the market right now. All we need is a statement like: “One MeeGo phone each year.” And people will be happy. (I think they also should just change the current CEO and go with a multi-OS strategy. Let the consumer decide!)


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