Tested the N9 myself

I went to the Nokia flagship store in Helsinki yesterday. There were two black N9s right after the door. I only had to wait for my turn for five minutes or so.

I already knew how to operate it by looking at all the vids on the net. It was a fast, fluent, intuitive and smooth experience. I don’t own a touchscreen phone, but I’ve tried some competing products (you know what they are!). The feel is very similar, but the N9 has so much better design in almost every aspect. The icons are nice, the motion design is intuitive. And the swipe gestures are really easy to start using.

The virtual keyboard looks nice. Works better in landscape, as is probably the case with all virtual keyboards. Still, I was able to type some stuff almost quickly even in portrait mode.

Too bad they only had them in black. I would have wanted to see the cyan one. There were pre-order papers, but I didn’t fill it, as it listed the black N9 as the only one having the 64GB. I want my cyan N9 with 64GB storage, thank you! That might not happen, but I’m willing to wait a bit to see how this thing evolves after the N9 becomes widely available.

The N9 is truly a fantastic device. Absolutely the best smartphone on the market, except it’s not yet on the market! I just love the unique design and the openness. The platform isn’t constrained like the competitors (like vendor-locked in stores to get apps, or virtual machines bringing down the responsiveness and speed).

I’ve got two game ideas for it already. If I can squeeze the time, I’ll start to develop them and maybe put them on the store, when finished. We’ll see how that goes.


One comment

  1. Thanks for this report from Helsinki! Please keep posting how this continues, how people in Finland receive the N9 and what versions are in the store. I am waiting to get cyan 64 MB N9 as well!

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