On Tizen and MeeGo / Bad names vs good names

Intel and Samsung just announced that they’d be developing a new thing called Tizen, instead of MeeGo.
What a way to try to sabotage the launch of the N9. šŸ™‚ It would really be in their own interest if the N9 would succeed, despite all the efforts by Stephen Elop and Nokia to put it down.
I was always really interested in developing for MeeGo and using MeeGo products. It is a great name and a brand, while Tizen is just the most horrible name I’ve heard in a while.

HTML5 is slow, hacky, ugly as a platform and just plain awful.

Hello Intel. You’ve just lost all your credibility. You don’t have any direction. Did you know that when you want to build a platform, you must make a good plan, a good name, and then ship something once per year, and stick to that. You’re pattern seems to be to make a new plan each year, a new name, and not to ship anything. Oh well, at least the N9 is shipping. šŸ™‚

Hello Linux Foundation. Why are you putting your good name into this.

It would have been much better for everyone, if you’d just continue with the MeeGo name, infrastructure and codebase. You could have bolted HTML5 on top of it, for those who really want it. (Who would want it, is beyond me.)

I think I’ll just buy the N9, and hope it lasts for ten years, as it seems there will not be any interesting platforms in the near future.

Just change the name to something decent at least. But that won’t really save you anymore. Your credibility is lost.

I hope that there’ll be some sort of revolt in the MeeGo community and Linux Foundation over this.
I’m still sticking with Linux.

(I’m normally a nice guy, but this insanity just makes me angry…)
I think all this arguing about the N9 not being an actual MeeGo could just end now. I know it could have been called Maemo 6, but as far as I can see the N9 is the only MeeGo phone to ship. That makes it the most MeeGo of them all. And I always preferred .deb packages and Maemo’s Debian roots anyway!


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