A link to a great post comparing garbage collection and manual memory management

Here’s a great post I found by reading planet D:
Real World Comparison, GC vs. Manual Memory Management

It mostly proves more scientifically what was my gut feeling of garbage collection (GC) (as it was implemented in the D programming language) versus manual memory management. I tried doing OpenGL and realtime video stuff with D, and I really got very productive with the D syntax. But the thing that got in my way in the end, was the GC. When I had many objects, my program started to stutter. And that’s when I started to think it was the GC doing it. I did everything I could think of to remedy the situation, but I found no other solution than to go back to C++, and it’s tested and tried, silly but working tools.

I would love a great language that had something like D syntax, the performance and manual memory management of C++. (Oh, and I think there should be a way to distribute software in source form for binary compatibility with the code being obfuscated, for the closed source people, but that’s another issue.)
I don’t think that any of the languages currently available do it the right way. Vala (or Genie) comes close, but I still think that the best language for real life work currently is C++. Maybe a good IDE might help me, we’ll see.


I used to write about programming

Ok, I admit it. I used to write a blog about programming. Posted there about once a year, just like in here. But as I think this is a better name for this blog, and I don’t want to keep two blogs, I’ll just start writing about (almost) everything in here.

So, possibly more posts coming about programming, open source, closed source, C++, OpenGL, user interfaces, sometimes a post about the nice things I had in the D programming language and the nice/bad things that I now have, when I’m back with C++. Stay tuned, once a year!