Apple Thunderbolt 4K Display (speculation)

I’m waiting for Apple to unveil the pricing and availability for the new Mac Pro. I most probably will not be getting it, unless it is really cheap (like 2000€ for a reasonably fast version). I don’t really like the design of it, I don’t like the expandability. You have to hook everything with thunderbolt, and it will be a mess.

And the old Mac Pro design was much nicer. They should have iterated on that to make something like the Bitfenix Prodigy or even use the G4 Cube design or something like that.

But, it is still interesting and will probably be a very good computer for those who can afford it.

One interesting thing about it is displays. Apple claims those dual AMD GPUs can power three 4k displays. But the current Apple Thunderbolt Display is not a 4k display. ??!!?!?

LG.Display, which makes the panels used in Apple Thunderbolt Displays just said a few days ago, that they will be making a true 4k panel (4096×2160 instead of the UHD 3840×2160 found on other “4K”-panels). I’m sure Apple will also concider Sharp’s IGZO panel, but this LG.Display’s true 4k panel sounds like it was commissioned by Apple for their upcoming 4k displays. The LG.Display’s panel will be 31″ or 78 cm. Which is nice.

The new Mac Pro needs a 4k display made by Apple, and I’m hopeful (or sure) that they will announce it at the same time as the Mac Pro’s pricing and other details are given.

I’m hoping they get rid of the front glass at the same time, or at least give that as an option. Otherwise the Apple Thunderbolt 4K Display will be useless to me. (Oh, did I mention I won’t be able to afford it anyway… My budget for a screen is 999€ max.)

I was wrong. Apple did not reveal a new 4k display with the new Mac Pro. But they did release the pricing for the Mac Pro, and the base model is 3100€. Too much for me, but I’m sure a lot of people can afford it.


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