My wish list for the next Apple Cinema Display (2013) and hoping for a Dell U2714H

I sincerely hope that Apple would release a new 2560×1440 display with the following specs, so I could buy Apple products again. (At the moment I can’t buy any of their products, as there is something wrong (in my opinion) in each of them.) So here’s a wish list:

1. 2560×1440 resolution IPS or similar panel. (Because 4k is going to be too expensive for me.)

2. Matte or semi-glossy screen. I’m not buying glossy glass panels, ever. I’ve used them on iMacs, and I’ve had enough. I’m sure Apple can come up with a cool way to do matte screens again. Some kind of frameless design would be nice!

3. 27 or preferably 30-32 inch. The bigger pixels wouldn’t bother me…

4. It’s not going to happen, but I’d still hope for a wide gamut display supporting sRGB, Adobe RGB and Rec.709 colour spaces. That would give the screen some professional appeal in photography and filmmaking.

I believe there will never be such a display from Apple. So, I have my next hope on Dell. Like I said in my previous post where I bashed each 27 inch monitor out there, I don’t like the design of the Dell displays. Well, until now. They are having a much better design on this years models, and they don’t look like Compaq Presarios from the 90’s. But, they haven’t yet released the Ultrasharp series with this new design. Only the P-series, which lacks the wide gamuts and 2560×1440 resolution. Some have speculated that the U2713H is not due for an update this year, so we might not see a U2714H this year. But I’m surely hoping there will be such a model. If it gets favourable reviews in or, that would be my next monitor.

Here’s a sneak peek from the U2414H (the 24 inch model, supposedly coming without wide gamut later this year):

Dell U2414 front

And the clean back side of the P2714H (with 1920×1080 resolution):
Dell P2714H


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